This One Skill Could Determine Your Next Promotion

Communicating is easy. You can say a few words or type something out in an email or text. When a person or group receives it, you’ve communicated. Being skilled at communication, however, is not so easy.

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Communication as a Skill

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

— George Bernard Shaw

Communication is a Broad Subject

  • Writing
  • Speech
  • Movement
  • Facial Expression
  • Silence

Good communication leads to:

  • Savings (time, money, etc.)
  • Efficiency
  • Inclusiveness among teammates
  • High achievement
  • Good relationships

Bad Communication leads to:

  • Mistakes
  • Constant re-work
  • Waste (time, money, materials, etc,)
  • Frustration and anxiety due to the absence of mutual understanding
  • Poor morale




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